Tuesday, July 19, 2011

THOR M408 Rifle Photos - 408 Caliber

The following are new photos of the M408 rifle system offered through Knesek Guns

Friday, July 8, 2011

The THOR XM408 will be featured in Harris Publications' Tactical Weapons for Military and Law Enforcement - January 2011 issue. Production runs of the THOR XM408 have been on schedule and our sales of both the standard and ASA systems have been increasing exponentially.

The ASA system will be available for demonstration at Critical Mass 2011.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The TAC-50 is based on the McMillan 50 caliber action - the same action that dominates 50 caliber benchrest competition. A premium match grade barrel, tuned trigger, hand bedded McMillan fiberglass stock and meticulous benchrest gunsmithing contribute to the extreme accuracy for which the TAC-50 is known.

Rifles are sold separately or as a complete tactical rifle kit, including rifle, scope, case and accessories. Kits are available with or without night vision equipment.

We typically keep McMillan Tac-50 rifles in stock and ready to ship for your convenience. Give us a call to discuss purchasing yours today.

Desert Tactical SRS

We're now handling international sales for Desert Tactical

i'm really excited about Knesek Guns taking an active role in the international sale of this rifle as i feel it really has a great deal of potential.

The SRS is a great system and has a number of incredible features built in. The standard package includes:


* Quick Barrel Conversion
* Fluted Match Free Floated Barrel (Threaded for Suppressor 3/4″ x 24″)
* Adjustable Match Trigger Tapered 34mm One-Piece Rings (available in 20, 35, and 40 MOA tapers)
* Pictanny Accessory Rails with Integral Flush Mounted Sling Points
* Ergonomic Features
* Center Balancing Point with Handle
* 60 Degree Bolt Lift 1.5″
* Adjustable Length of Pull Match Trigger (adjusts from 1 to 6 lbs)
* Safety (accessible without removing hand from pistol grip)
* Sling Points are perfectly balanced with the centerline of the weapon to ensure lies flat when slung
* Rear Support Grip Cheekrest is perfectly optimized with the height of the scope and eye alignment without the need of an adjustable cheekpiece
* Magazine Release can be operated with one hand
* Contoured Grip Raised Buttpad seates buttbad more securely into the shooters shoulder